Comfy banquette seating for growing family

Here is my latest completed design project.  The goal was to create a comfy cozy banquette nook.  Follow the project from start to finish below.

Client’s request: Built-in bench/ banquette style seating for their growing family. A space to accommodate cozy family meals and work as an entertaining space for family gatherings.

The Design challenge: 
1) Create a cozy nook with a 30″ high table and chairs and bench.
2) The space was large but the clients wanted the built in the wrap the whole area
3) Windows are low, too low for seat backs. The windows aren’t centered, in fact it’s a 2 window bay vs 3.
4) The style: wanted Southern charm.
5) Storage, if I could fit it in
6) Oh yea, complete before baby #3 arrives!

The before space. You can’t tell because it’s night time but they have a beautiful view of the water!

The client’s inspiration photos:



Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 6.16.43 PM
Photo courtesy of Houzz. Jan Gleysteen Architects, Inc.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 6.20.09 PM
Photo courtesy of Houzz. The Renovated Home.

The Concept:

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 5.38.20 PM
Concept rendering by Brooke Eversoll. Balance the space with an oversized banquette.
Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 5.33.13 PM
Concept rendering by Brooke Eversoll. All the cabinets will be drawer storage.


The first part of the Install:

Cabinet install day-YES! This is such a fun day. But when you show up and realize the cabinet maker built 2 cabinets instead of 3…. uh oh, we have problems. But not to fret- I have this under control. Thanks to our amazing craftsman- he just chopped (I mean skillfully cut) the cabinet into 2.  What could have been DISASTROUS became a non-issue. The client didn’t even know the behind the scenes work we did, and it didn’t delay progress.  IMG_2576

Cabinets installed:

Cabinets are installed. It took 2 full days to only install 3 cabinets….but there were LOTS of angles and LOTS of trim.

The cabinets are beautifully installed, complete with the client’s request for lots of molding and details. Now we patiently await the template for the upholstery.

Shopping for table and chairs: I vote the chair on the left, curvy and elegant.

Finally, Upholstery install day! After several weeks including a template and 2 verifications to ensure the tightest fit as possible, its install day! Behind the scenes there was a wood structure built, then it was delivered to the upholsters shop where it was covered in foam and fabric. Don’t forget the tufted back.  This unit was a beast to install, 4 walls with crooked angles and walls. But in the end it turned out just lovely!  And 2 weeks before the clients baby makes his appearance!

Complete with table and chairs
Complete with table and chairs
Bench and upholstery- with storage to boot!  
Detail of bench with table- This was the perfect sized table… 54″ round and with the leaf it extends to 74″ long. The client can keep the table in the middle, or move it to one end during a gathering. Or even just remove the table all together for a party.  Lots of flexibility!
Another detail- love all the colors together.
Love this fabric and tufting, very elegant!

Hope you enjoyed this transformation! Please check back at our website HERE for future project updates. And be sure to follow on Instagram @Beestudiosdesign

🙂 Brooke



Comfy banquette seating for growing family

Bring on the bubbles: To tub or not to Tub, that is the design question….

I have been designing for over 11 years.  In that past decade+ I have seen trends (big ones) like tubs come and go.  My market over these years has been Central Florida – Orlando to St.Pete/ Clearwater. I imagine this is a whole different debate in Northeast, Midwest, or West Coasts. Check out this article from Kitchen & Bath Design News to see that coast to coast debate. (Page 30). Or visit the article Here.

When I started designing bathrooms, large stately tubs that were built into decks, were the norm. Usually coming with pumps and lots of jets.  Then as the industry and homeowners moved away from tubs and requested these same luxuries in the showers, lots of jets. I remodel lots of older homes, and many had these unsightly old monstrosities that just had to go. And then the question was left, what to do with the space?  Do you make your shower bigger? Or do you keep a tub?

Now we are on a whole new era….”The Freestanding Tub“.  Costs have come down, options have increased, and homeowners are embracing the trend.  So where is this trend coming from? Is it that homeowners are seeing images on Houzz and want to replicate the look? Or is it that people are slowing down to enjoy a nice long soak at the end of the day? I hope the latter 😉

Freestanding bathtubs:  You can get the luxury of a bathtub, without the space sucker of a huge tiled deck. They are pretty, and stylish, and petite. They come Modern and Sleek OR more Classic and Traditional. Feet or no feet? Pedestal or no Pedstal? Tub or no Tub?

Here are some jobs I have completed lately with beautiful freestanding bathtubs, in a more Modern theme:Freestanding BathtubFreestanding Bathtub 2

Here’s a unique shaped tub in a bathroom designed by Jeremy Parcels:
Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 10.29.18 AM

And here are a couple images of upcoming projects with tubs I am working on:Bath_Watercolor   Baker_RT1_050615
So how will you handle this debate in your household? Out with the old, In with the new?

Don’t feel relaxed yet? Still not convinced?  I don’t think anyone would turn down soaking in a tub with this view! by Streamline Design
Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 10.24.13 AM

Happy Bathing & Relaxing!


Bring on the bubbles: To tub or not to Tub, that is the design question….

Green Design and Designing in Green

In honor of St.Patty’s Day, “Designing Green”. What does it mean to design “Green”?  Green design or eco-friendly can mean a number of things in the design world.  It can mean Low VOC or non added compounds into the materials (such as low VOC paint, or NAUF “No added urea formaldehyde” such as NAUF mdf or plywood). It can also can mean eco-friendly woods such as Bamboo which regenerates very quickly (bamboo is actually a grass) or Eco veneers which are veneers meant to represent exotic woods but are produced by quickly regenerating trees (about 8 years until harvest). Lastly, the distance the materials have to travel to reach your project. How “Green” you want to go depends on several factors, sadly the most substantial is the BIG GREEN…the Money $$$. Yes, a lot of time it costs more to “go green”.  But I believe this is like any other trend, think of the first flat plasma or LCD tv.  They were super expensive.  You had to pay to play.  I think (hope) that as the demand for green comes to be more requested and the industry catches up, the price will come down. Other examples of Green design are using locally sourced materials, recycled materials or up-cycled materials.  This is a great way to feel good about doing your part, but to have something super unique at the same time.  Here are a couple examples of Eco-friendly materials:

A table made out of locally sourced Podocarpus tree from our friends at Funktionhouse.

A recycled glass countertop from Vetrazzo on a recently completed design I did.

And then a little fun for St.Patty’s Day is “Designing” green, as in with the color green. Here are some pictures of spaces I have designed:
Brushed glaze finish on green paint


Seafoam Green granite for cabinetry
green backsplash
Accent of #Oceanside glass in green to give a backsplash a dimensional twist.
Serene green hutch from Holiday Kitchens

Happy St. Patty’s Day to all, and be safe! -BEE

Green Design and Designing in Green

A little more Hexagon love…

I wrote a blog a few days ago about Hexagons.  Since I am in the design industry, I have been focusing a lot on tiles. Here are some unique images I have found.  #findhexagon

IMG_4991         IMG_5236
Courtesy: Crossville Tile                                      Courtesy: Original Style

IMG_5237                 image002
 Courtesy: Original Style                             Courtesy: Carrol’s Building

paperStreetFloor    Strata III_5_400x400courtesy: Paper Street Market                        courtesy: Cement Tile shop 

Happy Designing!  -BEE

A little more Hexagon love…


When we set out to create our logo, one thing we knew we wanted was the Hexagon shape. Honeycombs are the homes of bees, hives.  We design homes. We design hives. Since our launch we are seeing Hexagons everywhere.

Especially since my husband is a science teacher, the Hexagon shows up in all his chemistry lessons.  For Christmas he even got me a necklace that shows the chemical molecule for caffeine. Caffeine Molecule

I have started a Hexagon hunt and I see them everywhere.  It has become my own little challenge to find the shapes…in nature, in mechanical, in machinery, in architecture, in design, in print, in everything.  What can you find?  #findhexagon.  Here are some I have found:

courtesyCrislipArcade                               wztile
photo courtesy: Crislip Arcade                    photo courtesy: Walker Zanger

And today one of my favorites yet appeared… Made by Calusa Press located here in St. Petersburg has created this awesome “Hood Love” series of prints representing the neighborhoods of St.Pete.  I know I will be ordering “The Sunshine City”, “Kenwood”, “Grand Central District”, and “Warehouse Arts District” for my office. LOVE these!  visit their site here:

Calusa Press Hood Love



Keep Saint Petersburg Local’s newest member

At Bee Studios Design Build Group, we are passionate about our local community in the Tampa Bay area and specifically St. Petersburg, FL.  We love the buzz and energy surrounding the local business along Central Ave in St.Pete, from Grand Central District all the way to the Waterfront Arts District.  Our Studio is located in Historic Kenwood the community part of the Grand Central District. It’s so great to see the forward progress of our community, a lot brought in by local business, shops, artists, and restaurants.  #keepstpetelocal #ilovetheburg.  Today we became a “Super Hero” member of the the Keep Saint Petersburg Local community.  We are PROUD to join the ranks as locally-owned Independent Business owners and help this city grow in a positive direction. -BEEScreen Shot 2015-03-05 at 3.04.43 PM

visit to find other great local businesses!

Keep Saint Petersburg Local’s newest member

Tropical bath in blues and browns

I have been working with this Contractor for 10 years now.  This is the 4th project he has hired me for in his own personal residence. This bathroom has triple duty as his bathroom, the guest bathroom, and the pool bathroom.  The mission was to create a Masculine and Tropical space for there water side home in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Here are some snapshots of the project underway.  Walk in style “curb less” shower with textured porcelain tile and beautiful stone/glass mosaic. The floor is a bold choice with blues, browns, and blondes in a wood plank style tile set in a herringbone pattern.  Up next are the Walnut cabinets and the Quartz countertops, shower glass, and final electrical and plumbing.  Stay tuned to see the final results! -BEE

IMG_5725 IMG_5727

Tropical bath in blues and browns